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Vincent A. Lanci

Vincent A. Lanci is a Tampa, Florida based entrepreneur dedicated to shattering mental health stigma. His mission is to normalize the way people speak about mental health. He works relentlessly to do so through speaking engagements, author visits, books, and podcasts.

After being the victim of a near-death hit-and-run accident while on foot, Lanci learned to prioritize his mental health.


At first, there was speculation if he would make it through the initial night, but as he remained alive, the doubts switched over to that he may need 24/7 aide for the rest of his life, never go to the bathroom on his own, walk, or talk properly again.

As he started to recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he began speaking in TBI support groups. He wanted to do more to give back.

He launched the podcast, A Mental Health Break, to help others through shared stories. He incorporates the tools he has learned from over two years of weekly shows into his engagements.


Lanci is a 4x Published Author who has also penned two books on the topic, Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health, and Mental Health Week, with a third on the way. He has a mental health book for students of all ages.


Although he does not hold a medical designation, he works with Doctors, Physiatrists, and other mental health experts in his books and shows.

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