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Welcome to Writing with Authors, the podcast that takes you on a captivating literary journey. Join us as we delve into the fascinating minds of some of today's most talented and acclaimed writers.

Listeners will have the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from their favorite authors, as well as discover new voices and emerging talents in the literary world.


Whether you are an avid reader, an aspiring writer, or simply someone who appreciates the power of storytelling, this podcast offers an enriching experience that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the written word.

We explore the influences that shaped their writing journeys and the challenges they faced along the way.

Join us as we celebrate the written word, uncover the stories behind the stories, and explore the vast universe of imagination that resides between the lines.

Listen to all episodes on this YouTube Podcast here.

If you'd like to apply for the show, just email

Enjoy the show.

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