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Episode #1

Tom Oliva (Portland, Oregon)

For the Series Pilot, Vincent A. Lanci brings on Tom Oliva. He shares his story, including growing up in New York and moving across the country to Portland, Oregon. He will also touch on creating a CBD business, Sonny's Wellness. The WHY behind creating this business is something you want to hear.

Episode #2

Batchelor (Los Angeles, California)

Born and raised in LA, Brent Batchelor joins the show to share his story. He started rapping during his final year of high school and enjoyed free-styling. His name started becoming more well-known locally after winning a few freestyle competitions on both the radio and in clubs. His consistency over the years is paying off with several songs over a million views. 

Episode #3

Lauren Nielsen (Sarasota, Florida)

From overcoming an eating disorder to competing for Miss USA, Lauren Nielsen shares her story. She courageously shares her past journey to inspire others and is now Miss Sarasota County, a teacher, and mental health advocate. Her organization, Uniquely You, inspires you to be your most authentic self.

Episode #4

Tony Alexander (Houston, Texas)

The guest for Episode #4 does it all! His advice and stories will not only be from his time in the military and father, but also, from his work as a DE&I Analyst and Advocate, Entrepreneur as Founder of SGI Services, Mentor, Career & Business Coach, and Chief Field Communications & Talent Development Officer.

Episode #5

Tanisha Bankston (Grenada, Mississippi)

Raped at 5, her brain shifted. No one believed her, so she went into a shell and never came out until now. She was manipulated by her aunt’s boyfriend to have sex with him at 10. A neighborhood man raped her at 11, and then at 13, her cousin’s husband began having sex with her and got her pregnant. Next, her son’s dad started messing with her at 14 and ended up in a domestic violence relationship from 14-23 until she escaped. 

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