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Season 8

Episode 112

David Jenyns

Author SYSTEMology®, Host of the "Business Systems Simplified" Podcast & Serial

Business Owner

(📍 Australia)

Episode 113

Carey Gille

Featured in "Entrepreneur Magazine" 2x

Serial Entrepreneur, 

Co-Founder and President of "Franchise Fastlane". 

(📍 Omaha, Nebraska)

Episode 114

Rich Rudzinski

CEO and Founder of

"Tragic Media

(📍 San Diego, California)

Episode 115

Kym Ali

CEO and Founder of "

Kym Ali Healthcare Consulting Firm"

(📍 Washington D.C.-Balitmore Area, Maryland)

Episode 116

Rewind the Clock

Bonus Episode #9

Trent Clark

3x World Series Champion, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of


(📍 Chicago, Illinois)

Episode 117

Mark Butler

CFO Coach, CEO and Founder of "Let's Do

The Books"

(📍 Utah)

Episode 118

Rewind the Clock

Bonus Episode #10

Elena Ward

Air Force Veteran,, CEO and Founder of "BPure Escentuals" & 

"Team Pretty Fit"

(📍 Tampa, FL)

Episode 119

Kaley Chu

CEO and Founder of "100Lunches", Author of "100 Lunches"

(📍 Hong Kong and Australia)

Episode 120

Rewind the Clock

Bonus Episode #11

Brian Kornfeld, MBA

CEO and Co-Founder of


(📍 Tampa, FL)

Episode 121

Tony Alexander

Veteran, CEO and Founder of "SGI Services"

(📍 Houston, TX)

Episode 122

Rewind the Clock

Bonus Episode #12

Kaywanda Lamb

CEO and Founder of "The Winning Single Mom", "Spanish for Small Business"

(📍 Dallas, TX)

Episode 123

Kristin Currey

CEO and Co-Founder of Draft Card(📍 Idaho)

Episode 124

Season Finale

Matt "SteamRolla" Frevola

UFC Contender

(📍 Tampa, Florida)

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