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Season 1

1) Dr. Denise McDermott

2) Michael Belliveau

  • TBI and Brain Cancer Survivor

​3) Dr. Anita Sanz​

4) Christopher Williams

  • TBI Survivor


5) Dr. Richard Boccio

  • Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at Kendall Regional Medical Center

6) Uchenna "Dr. Lulu" Umeh

7) Jon Infeld

  • TBI Survivor

8) Elena Bensonoff

9) Tony Alexander, MSHRM- SHRM-SCP

  • Mental Health, Diversity, and Inclusion Advocate

10) Meridith Alexander

11) Peter Helms

  • Founder of "Yu Recover"

12) Linda Murphy, MeD, MA

13) Supna Doshi

  • Mental Health Advocate

14) Dr. Diego Hernandez

15) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 1

  • Dr. Denise McDermott (Manhattan Beach, California), Adult and Child Psychologist

  • Sam Hager (Jersey City, New Jersey), 
    Global Supply Chain Manager in the liquor industry

  • Debbie Lundberg (Tampa, Florida),
    Founder and CEO of Presenting Powerfully

  • Glen Metropolit (Tampa, Florida), NHL Alumni

  • Mike Gorman (Long Island, New York),
    Founder and CEO of The Brothers Gorman


16) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 2 

  • Jon Infeld (Paterson, New Jersey), Health and Physical Education Teacher at Paterson Arts and Science Charter School

  • AJ Favicchio (Los Angeles, California),

  • Michelle Angelique Poitier (Jacksonville, Florida), 
    Navy Veteran, Founder and CEO at Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc.

  • Antonio Lombardo (Tampa, Florida), Co-Founder and CEO of Lombardo Team Real Estate

  • Meridith Alexander (St. Petersburg, Florida), CEO of GRIT Mindset Academy and Agency for Creative Talents

17) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 3 

  • Tony Alexander (St. Louis, Missouri), People Leader at SGI Services

  • Carol Marino (Tampa, Florida), Executive Assistant at Tampa International Airport

  • Matt McNair (Orlando, Florida), Videographer/ Photographer

  • Supna Doshi, Co-Founder of We Go Kids and Alinea Productions

18) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 4

  • Gab Cuchel (Lynbrook, NY), Pregnant at 33 Weeks, Assistant Studio Manager at Soul Cycle

  • Robert Swigart (Temecula, California), Retired NAVY and CEO and Founder at Nautical Coaching

  • Tonya McCollin Cajuste (West Palm Beach, Florida), Freelancer writer in Non-Profit Space

  • Brittany Lynn (Long Beach, NY), CEO and Founder of Bizzy B Crafts

19) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 5

  • Alisa Lieberman (Long Island, New York), 
    Life Support Specialist at Northwell Health Hospital Systems

  • Daniel Trant (Denver, Colorado),
    Computer Software

  • Dr. Uchenna Umeh, MBA, FAAP (Helotes, Texas), Pediatrician, Keynote Speaker

  • Andrew Lipof (Boston, Massachusets),
    CEO and Founder of GetGas Boston

20) Sarah Howroyd, MSW, LCSW​

21) James Lawless

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

22) Dr. Stacia Alexander, LPC-S

23) Dr. Carlos Garcia

24) Michelle Poitier

  • US NAVY, Life-Recovery Coach

25) Dr. Clarence Lee Jr.

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Season 2

26) Corey Hirsch

  • Olympic Medalist, Former NHL Goaltender

27) Courtney C. Mick

  • Licensed Therapist

28) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 6​

  • Clayton Clemens (State of Florida), Office of District 60 State Representative Jackie Toledo
    Coach at Cross Fit Hyde Park, FL

  • Stacia Henderson Alexander (Dallas, TX), Doctor, Speaker, Coach

  • Jimmy Lawless (Providence, RI), Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Lawless Counseling

  • Kaywanda Lamb (Dallas, TX),"The Winning Single Mom", Author, Coach)

29) Dr. Brian Doane

30) Jacent Wamala, LMFT

31) Marla Godette

  • CEO and Founder of Mentoring Moments, LLC.

32) Evan Pulliam

  • Mental Health Advocate

33) Ayelet Shipley

  • Founder of the "Anxiety Hacker Toolbox Workbook"

34) Doron Lazarus

  • CEO and Founder of Lazarus Insomnia Consulting

35) Dr. Sharice Bradford

  • Trauma Recovery Expert

36) Dr. David Demmer

  • Clinical Psychologist, CEO and Founder of "Psych School", and Co-Founder of "Macquarie Street" Psychology, David Demmer. 

37) Renée Burwell, LCSW, MPA, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

  • (Nashville, Tennessee)

38) Charles Hamilton & Courtney Macroberts "C&C"

  • Mental Health Advocates share their  personal, professional, and relationship perspective on mental health.

  • (Nova Scotia)

39) Tyrone Daye

  • Mental Health Advocate shares how his story on how he traded in his trauma for a life he wants to live.

  • (Newark, New Jersey)

40) Bailey Smith

  • Mental Health Advocate shares her story as a Domestic Abuse Su=rvivor.

  • (Deerfield Beach, Florida)

41) Johnny Crowder

  • CEO and Founder of CopeNotes, TEDx Speaker, Suicide & Abuse Survivor

  • (Tampa, Florida)

42) Tracey Maxfield

  • Retired Nurse, Author of "Escaping the Rabbit Hole"

  • (Canada)

43) Lucy Bale

  • Mental Health Advocate shares her journey of battling her 5th-year Anxiety Disorder. She is the host of the blog "Abs and Anxiety"

  • (London, United Kingdom)

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