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Head to the desktop version for episode previews and exclusive content. Check out the episode list for Season 3 and Season 4 below.

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Season 3

44) Stef Wootton

  • She is Owner of AMPM Therapy. Wootton shares both her personal and professional experiences

  • (Birmingham, England)

45) Tampa General Hospital (TGH) documents Host Vincent A. Lanci's "Left for Dead" Story​

  • (Tampa, Florida)

46) Tommy Dahlborg

  • Tommy delivers value from an academic, personal, and professional perspective. Dahlborg is the host of the podcast, "Strength Thru Vulnerability"

  • (Portland, Maine)


Vincent A. Lanci asks his guests:

  • ▪️How COVID affected Mental Health

  • ▪️Most difficult part of COVID

  • ▪️Ways they cope with COVID

  • ▪️Positives from COVID

  • ▪️How work was affected 

  • ▪️Advice on improving the mental health of the children in your lives after experiencing COVID

47) Mike Belliveau

(1st Covid Talks Episode)

  • Brain Cancer Survivor, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survivor

  • (Tampa, Florida)

48) Florida District 69 State Representative Jenner Webb 

  • State Representative Webb shares her story relating to mental health for the VERY FIRST TIME.

  • (Pinellas, Florida)

49) Eric Christiansen

  • Trauma survivor becomes award-winning filmmaker/ documentarian that explores trauma. (Burbank, California)

50) Dr. Denise McDermott 

(2nd Covid Talks Episode)

  • Adult & Child Psychiatrist, Leading Mental Health Influencer

  • (Manhattan Beach, California)


  • Tune-in for an EXCLUSIVE episode with the world-famous Dr. Denise.

52) David Tyler

  • The "Unopened Male" joins the show to share his journey and how his movement started. 

  • (London, United Kingdom)

53) Tony Alexander

(3rd Covid Talks Episode)

  • The Diversity, Inclusion, and Mental Health Advocate rejoins the show.

  • (Houston, Texas)

54) Debbie Lundberg

Mental Health Through the Eyes of a Certified Lie Coach and Certified Image Consultant 

  • (Tampa, Florida)

55) Leo Flowers

  • "Before You Kill Yourself" Podcast Host

  • (California)

56) Supna Doshi

(4th Covid Talks Episode)

  • Mother of Triplets and Founder of "WeGo Kids" and "Alinea Production

(Tampa, Florida)

57) Wilson Bautista Jr.

  • Military & Mental Health 

  • (St. Petersburg, Florida)

58) Michelle "Soho Mini Paltan

  • Fashion & Mental Health 

  • (New York, New York)

59) Adeela "Docta Dee" Whitaker

  • Trained, Educated, and Certified Mental Health Coach, Intimacy Coach and Masters level Marriage and Family Therapist.  

  • (Atlanta, Georgia)

60) Steven Fage

  • "My Niche is Human" Podcast Host 

  • (St. Petersburg, Florida)

61) Dr. Clarence Lee Jr.

(5th Covid Talks Episode)

  • This frontline worker rejoins the show.

  • (San Diego, California)

62) Yvette Justina

  • Shares her journey of 7 years long-term recovery and how she made her mental a focal point in her life.  

  • (St. Petersburg, Florida)

63) Shreya Patel

  • This International Model Finds Mental Health Advocacy

  • (India & Canada)

Season 4

64) Raeesa Mumith and Jamie Brockhurt 

  • The Authors of "Where's My Lemonade" 

  • (London, United Kingdom)

65) Evan Pulliam

  • (6th Covid Talks Episode)

  • This advocate rejoins the show to discuss balancing living in a new state with the pandemic.

  • (Denver, Colorado)

66) JC Pohl 

  • LMFT

  • Founder of "Teen Truth"

  • (Austin, Texas)

67) Bailey Smith

  • (7th Covid Talks Episode)

  • This Domestic Abuse Survivor rejoins the show to shares her story as a mother during COVID.

  • (Deerfield Beach, Florida)

68) Izzy Baker

  • Host of "PSA The Podcast"

  • Founder of "Teen Truth"

  • (Houston, Texas)


Writing helps manage stress and improve mental health.

Writers share how writing improves their mental health.

Vincent A. Lanci asks his guests:

  • ▪️To share their mental health journey

  • ▪️How their writing journey began

  • ▪️2 daily mental health suggestions

  • ▪️Favorite form of writing

  • ▪️Current Writing Projects

69) Claudio Longhitano

  • (1st How Writing Helps Episode)

  • The first interview for a new bonus series is also the first interview in Italy! You do not want to miss this. 

  • (Sicily, Italy)

70) Lauren Nielsen

  • "Miss Sarasota County"

  • Shares her journey overcoming a 10-year eating disorder

  • (Sarasota, Florida)

71) Dr. Carlos Garcia

  • (8th Covid Talks Episode)

  • Dr. Garcia rejoins the show to shares his personal mental health experiences throughout the pandemic, plus the perspective of both a Licensed Psychologist and entrepreneur.

  • ((Tampa, Florida)

72) Juan Nunez

  • This mental health advocate is a testicular cancer and stroke survivor who now inspires millions with his book, "Voices Over Cancer."

  • (Atlanta, Georgia)

73) Katie O' Grady

  • (2nd How Writing Helps Episode)

  • She overcame severe weight swing of a 100+ lb. range (both obesity and anorexia.) She learned to manage the root of her eating disorders which is PTSD.

  • (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

74) Patrick Lewis

  • He was hit by a car at age 5, and has been prioritizing his mental health ever since. He is also a part of the company, "Way Beyond Measure", who offers Character Development Programs.

  • (South Hooksett, New Hampshire)

75) Kimberly Tomlinson

  • Tomlinson runs the international brand, Tomlinson Talks.

  • She has a Bachelor's degree in 'Counseling and Psychotherapy: Professional Practice' from the University of Salford in Manchester. 

  • (London, United Kingdom)

Episode 71

Dr. Carlos Garcia


This psychologist, Veteran, entrepreneur, and mental health rejoins the show.

📍Tampa, Florida

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