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#1: Self-Reflection and Improvement

Something I am big on is self-improvement. I have always wanted to be better today than yesterday, but recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) taught me the value of small wins and minor swings in the right direction. Being a constant work-in-progress is exciting because there is always room to improve!

I began a 3 Month Progress Check Up for self-reflection last November through this February.

That three-month growth period began with spending more time on strategic side hustles rather than any side hustle, placing my phone on DND mode during the entire workday, and turning on 25-minute social media locks on my phone.

The next set of changes would be different and challenge me in new ways. These improvements included stopping overcommitting, asking for more help, and making time for leisure.

I am slowly learning to stop spreading myself too thin and over-committing. I do my best to do what I say and speak with intention but did not have enough regard for the toll it would take on me to keep up with all my commitments. I will continue to stay ambitious, just with a fresh mindset.

Asking for help and letting go of control can be challenging at times. It is exciting to be preparing to bring on a new VA. This hire will take on additional responsibilities than the previous fit, which was only email and calendar assistance.

Since I began my career after speaking at my MBA commencement in 2015, I have dedicated myself to my entrepreneurial journey with a rigorous schedule. It was time to make more time for a social life.

When you love your work, the time spent working is irrelevant. Eventually, a few years ago, I crossed paths with burnout, learning the value of taking more breaks and an off day (looking forward to taking off and watching my JETS this year).

I have been more lenient on myself and my, at times, unrealistic expectations and timelines I set for myself by giving myself more time away from the computer. This time away from the computer has included beach days, some traveling, bike rides, and more time at church.

Spending more time in church has provided a lot of clarity. I have always been religious, but spending time in church is much different. Having church back in my weekly schedule has been eye-opening and I enjoyed daily mass when work permitted. I was not recognizing the excuses I was making by not going as an entrepreneur who creates my work schedule.

I hope you found value in this first blog post. Thank you for joining me on my journey. I will keep both these blog posts and newsletters going, along with a follow-up to this post next quarter.

Wishing you a productive and enjoyable August,


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