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Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1

Episode 34

JC Pohl

CEO and Founder of "Teen Truth"

(📍 Austin, Texas) 

Episode 35

Gary Parks

CEO and Founder of "Gary Parks Services Inc.", C-Level Business Consultant & Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, M.C.C. M.I.T

(📍 New York State) 

Episode 36

Chris Roth

CEO and Founder of "Highline Wellness"

(📍 Manhattan, New York) 

Episode 37

Reuben Pressman

CEO and Founder of "Presence"

(📍 St. Petersburg, Florida) 

Episode 38

Richard and Austin Allen

CEO/Founder and VP of "APB Security"

(Best of Long Island 2017-2020)

(📍 New York, Pennsylvania, Florida) 

Episode 39

Samyr Qureshi

"Forbes 30 Under 30", CEO and Founder of "Knack"

(📍 Tampa, Florida) 

Episode 40

Dean Riskin

CEO and Co-Founder of "Hair We Share"


(📍 Long Island, New York) 

Episode 41

Kaywanda Lamb

Author, Speaker, "The Winning Single Mom"

(📍 Dallas, Texas) 

Episode 42

Joseph Dominic Digilio 

Singer, Song Writer, Song Producer, Musician

(📍 Long Island, New York)

Episode 43

Derrick Bliss

CEO of "Thump Local" and Host of "Under The Rock" Podcast

(📍 Valley Stream,

New York) 

Episode 44

Trent Clark

3x World Series Champion, Founder of 


(📍 Chicago, Illinois) 

Episode 45

Jordan Walker

Co-Founder of "Yac Chat" and "So Friendly Designs"

(📍 Orlando, Florida) 

Episode 46

Corona Virus Stories

and Testimonials (Day 1)

  • Dr. Denise McDermott (Manhattan Beach, California), Adult and Child Psychologist

  • Sam Hager (Jersey City, New Jersey), 
    Global Supply Chain Manager in the liquor industry

  • Debbie Lundberg (Tampa, Florida),
    Founder and CEO of Presenting Powerfully

  • Glen Metropolit (Tampa, Florida), NHL Alumni

  • Mike Gorman (Long Island, New York),
    Founder and CEO of The Brothers Gorman

Episode 47

Corona Virus Stories

and Testimonials (Day 2)

  • Jon Infeld (Paterson, New Jersey), Health and Physical Education Teacher

  • AJ Favicchio (Los Angeles, California), Director

  • Michelle Angelique Poitier (Jacksonville, Florida), 
    Navy Veteran, Founder and CEO at Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc.

  • Antonio Lombardo (Tampa, Florida), Co-Founder and CEO of Lombardo Team Real Estate

  • Meridith Alexander (St. Petersburg, Florida), CEO of GRIT Mindset Academy and Agency for Creative Talents

Episode 48

Corona Virus Stories

and Testimonials (Day 3)

  • Tony Alexander (St. Louis, Missouri), People Leader at SGI Services

  • Carol Marino (Tampa, Florida), Executive Assistant at Tampa International Airport

  • Matt McNair (Orlando, Florida), Videographer/ Photographer

  • Supna Doshi, Co-Founder of We Go Kids and Alinea Productions

Episode 49

Corona Virus Stories

and Testimonials (Day 4)

  • Gab Cuchel (Lynbrook, NY), Pregnant at 33 Weeks, Assistant Studio Manager at Soul Cycle

  • Robert Swigart (Temecula, California), Retired NAVY and CEO and Founder at Nautical Coaching

  • Tonya McCollin Cajuste (West Palm Beach, Florida), Freelancer writer in Non-Profit Space

  • Brittany Lynn (Long Beach, NY), CEO and Founder of Bizzy B Crafts

Episode 50

Corona Virus Stories

and Testimonials (Day 5)

  • Alisa Lieberman (Long Island, New York), 
    Life Support Specialist at Northwell Health Hospital Systems

  • Daniel Trant (Denver, Colorado),
    Computer Software

  • Dr. Uchenna Umeh, MBA, FAAP (Helotes, Texas), Pediatrician, Keynote Speaker

  • Andrew Lipof (Boston, Massachusets),
    CEO and Founder of GetGas Boston

Episode 51

Aaskah Patel

CEO and Founder of "Elevate, Inc."

(📍 Tampa, Florida) 

Episode 52

Ian Dickson

Professional Athlete, 

CEO and Founder of "OptiHealth Products" & "S2S"

(📍 Westchester, Pennsylvania) 

Episode 53

Antonio Lombardo

CEO and Founder of "Lombardo Team Real Estate"

(📍 Tampa, Florida) 

Episode 54

Alexa Collins

Independent Model

(📍 Fort Lauderdale, Florida) 

Episode 55


Chris Krimitsos

CEO and Founder of "Podfest Multimedia Expo"

(📍 Tampa, Florida) 

Episode 56

Season Finale

Todd Palmer 

INC 5000 List a Record 6 Times

CEO and Founder of Extraordinary Advisors

(📍 Detroit, Michigan) 

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