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Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1

Episode 26

Corey Hirsch

NHL Goalie, Mental Health Speaker

📍Vancouver, B.C.

Episode 27

Courtney C. Mick

Licensed Therapist

📍New Jersey

Episode 28

Corona Virus Stories

and Testimonials (Day 6)

  • Clayton Clemens Office of District 60 FL State Representative Jackie Toledo, Coach at Cross Fit Hyde Park, FL

  • Stacia Henderson Alexander (Dallas, TX), Doctor, Coach

  • Jimmy Lawless (Providence, RI), Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Lawless Counseling

  • Kaywanda Lamb (Dallas, TX),"The Winning Single Mom", Author, Coach)

Episode 29

Dr. Brian Doane

📍Tampa, Florida

Episode 30

Jacent Wamala LMFT

📍Las Vegas, Nevada

Episode 31

Marla Godette

CEO and Founder of Mentoring Moments, LLC


Episode 32

Evan Pulliam

Mental Health Advocate


Episode 33

Ayelet Shipley

Founder of

"Anxiety Hacker Toolbox Workbook"

📍New York, New York

Episode 34

Doron Lazarus

CEO and Founder of Lazarus Insomnia Consulting

📍Chicago, Illinois

Episode 35

Dr. Sharice Bradford

"Dr. Sharice"

Trauma Recovery Expert

📍Chicago, Illinois

Episode 36

Dr. David Demmer

Clinical Psychologist, CEO & Founder of "Psych School", and Co-Founder of "Macquarie Street Psychology"

📍Melbourne, Australia

Episode 37

Renée Burwell, 


AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

📍Nashville, Tennessee

Episode 38

Charles Hamilton & Courtney Macroberts "C&C"

Mental Health Advocates offering a personal, professional, and relationship perspective on mental health.

📍Nova Scotia

Episode 39

Tyrone Daye

Mental Health Advocate

shares how his story on how he traded in his trauma for a life he wants to live.

📍Newark, New Jersey

Episode 40

Bailey Smith

Mental Health Advocate shares her story as a Domestic Abuse Survivor.

📍Deerfield Beach, Florida

Episode 41

Johnny Crowder

CEO & Founder of CopeNotes, TEDx Speaker, Suicide &

Abuse Survivor

📍Tampa, Florida

Episode 42

Tracey Maxfield

Retired Nurse, Author of "Escaping The Rabbit Hole"


Episode 43

Season 2 Finale

Lucy Bale

Mental Health Advocate shares her journey of battling her 5th-year Anxiety Disorder. She is the host of the blog

"Abs and Anxiety"

📍London, United Kingdom

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