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Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1

Episode 57

Sacha St Lot

CEO and Founder of "Kay Mr Cha Cha"

(📍 Haiti) 

Episode 58

Tom Schwab

CEO and Founder of "Interview Valet"

(📍 Mattawan, Michigan) 

Episode 59

Ada Polla

CEO and Founder of "Alchimie Forever of Switzerland"

(📍 Geneva, Switzerland) 

Episode 61

Joe Barry

United States Air Force, CEO and Founder of "Deep Sky Coffee"

(📍 Tampa, Florida) 

Episode 60

Corona Virus Stories

and Testimonials (Day 6)

  • Clayton Clemens (State of Florida), Office of District 60 State Representative Jackie Toledo
    Coach at Cross Fit Hyde Park, FL

  • Stacia Henderson Alexander (Dallas, TX), Doctor, Speaker, Coach

  • Jimmy Lawless (Providence, RI)Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Lawless Counseling

  • Kaywanda Lamb (Dallas, TX),"The Winning Single Mom", Author, Coach)

Episode 62

Savina St Lot

"Dance for Life Haiti" & "The Next GenerHaitian Youth Center"

(📍 Haiti) 

Episode 63

Rob Aguinaga

Westside Barbershop

(📍 Tampa, Florida) 

Episode 64

Philipp Hartmann

(Based in Cape Town, South Africa)

"GSDH", "The Factory", Podcast Host of "Dadicated"

(📍 Cape Town, South Africa) 

Episode 65

Christopher Schaefer

ARMY Veteran, "Legacy Production Group" & "Impact Realty Tampa Bay"

(📍 Tampa, Florida) 

Episode 66

Season Finale

Dr. Denise McDermott

Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, Adult and Child Psychiatrist, and CEO and Founder of "Dr. Denise" 

(📍 Manhattan Beach, California) 

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