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Season 4

Episode 64

Raeesa Mumith

1/2 of the "Where's My Lemonade" Authors join the show.

📍London, United Kingdom

Episode 64

Jamie Brockhurst

2/2 of the "Where's My Lemonade" Team

📍London, United Kingdom

Episode 65

Evan Pulliam


This mental health advocate rejoins the show and discusses how he has been balancing living in a new state with

the pandemic.

📍Denver, Colorado

Episode 66

JC Pohl

This LMFT joins the show. He is also the Founder of Teen Truth, offering a unique perspective into the mental health

of students.

📍Austin, Texas

Episode 67

Bailey Smith


Smith shared her story as a Domestic Abuse Survivor and rejoins to share her experiences as a mother during Covid.

📍Deerfield Beach, Florida

Episode 68

"Izzy" Williams

The host of another great mental health podcast, "Prodigy Sportive Attestations," or "PSA", joins the show.

📍Houston, Texas

Bonus Series #2

How Writing Helps 

Writing helps manage stress and improve mental health.

Writers share how writing improves their mental health.

▪️Shares their personal mental health experiences

▪️How their writing

journey began

▪️2 daily mental 

health suggestions

▪️Favorite form of writing

▪️Current writing projects

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 6.36.37 AM.png

Episode 69

Claudio Longhitano

How Writing Helps #1

The first interview in Italy is also the first Bonus Episode of "How Writing Helps." You do not want to miss this. 


Episode 70

Lauren Nielsen

"Miss Sarasota County" shares his experiences overcoming a 10-year eating disorder and how her mental health is related to training for Miss USA & Miss Universe. 

📍Sarasota, Florida

Episode 71

Dr. Carlos Garcia


This psychologist, Veteran, entrepreneur, and mental health rejoins the show.

📍Tampa, Florida

Episode 72

Juan Nunez

This mental health advocate is a testicular cancer and stroke survivor who now inspires millions with his book, "Voices Over Cancer."

📍Atlanta, Georgia

Episode 73

Katie O' Grady

How Writing Helps #2

She overcame severe weight swing of a 100+ lb. range (both obesity and anorexia.) She learned to manage the root of her eating disorders which is PTSD.
📍Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Episode 74

Patrick Lewis

He was hit by a car at age 5, and has been prioritizing his mental health ever since. He is also a part of the company, "Way Beyond Measure", who offers Character Development Programs  

📍South Hooksett, New Hampshire

Episode 75

Kimberely Tomlinson


She began the international brand, Tomlinson Talks, after earning a Bachelor's Degree in 'Counseling and Psychotherapy: Professional Practice'.

📍London, United Kingdom

Episode 76

Doug Sands 

"Hypnosis Doug"

After battling his own mental health problems, Doug stumbled upon hypnosis and has since become a Consulting Hypnotist.  

📍Santa Fe, New Mexico

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