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Season 7

Episode 103

Rory Douglas

Life Coach, Financial Educator, 3x Author, including the Best-Selling "Cracking

the Rich Code" with

Kevin Harrington

and Tony Robbins,  

(📍 Los Angeles, California)

Episode 104

Kaitlyn Study

"Neon Swan"

Award Winner

CEO and Founder of "South Street & Co.". ""

(📍 Orlando, Florida)

Episode 105

Wil Shelton

CEO and Founder of

"WPIM" (Wil Power Integrated Marketing) 

(📍 Los Angeles, California)

Episode 106

Shreya Patel

Model, Actress, Film Producer, Mental Health Advocate 

(📍 India and Canada)

Episode 107

Jeff Richards

CEO of

"CIO Professional Services

(📍 Palo Alto, California)

Episode 108

Lisa "LEESA" Diasparra

Singer, Songwriter,


(📍 New York and

Los Angeles)

Episode 109

Keith Brady

CEO and Founder of

"Keith Brady Media LLC",


(📍 Northport, NY)

Episode 110

Marco Novo

CEO and Founder of "Marco Novo"

(📍 Portugal)

Episode 111

Jeroen Corthout

CEO and Founder of

"Sales Flare" and "Doctura"

(📍 Belgium)

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