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Vincent A. Lanci

Speaker and International Selling 4x Author sharing his journey and experiences to normalize the conversation around mental health for students and inspire entrepreneurship.

Let's end drinking and driving together. 


Take a look at Vincent A. Lanci's journey through this Tampa General Hospital (TGH) Video Documentary below:


What People say


David ScotT ESQ

Project PATCH Coordinator, Northport-East Northport UFSD 

“Vinny Lanci is an engaging and powerful speaker. His message inspires all of us to find our passion, overcome obstacles, and find strength within ourselves and from the special people in our lives. Our high school audience immediately connected with Vinny and gave full attention to his story and his inspirational message. Students who experienced Vinny’s presentation were left with important life lessons. These lessons include the obvious and disastrous consequences of drunk driving, finding courage and strength to overcome challenges, and appreciating life and the people we love as precious gifts never to be taken for granted. 


As Vinny is an alumnus of the school where I teach (Northport High School, N.Y), I am fortunate to know Vinny for many years, both before and after the tragic incident that almost took his life. Vinny Lanci is a gentleman of the greatest character and integrity. He is a role model to for all of us and is one of my personal heroes. He is someone whose example reminds us every day that with determination anything is possible and that we all have greatness within us. Like Vinny, we are all called to “Strive to lead. Vinny reminds us that we must all accept that challenge with courage and responsibility.” 

Acree 1.jpg

Dr. Angelica Acree

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Tampa General Hospital

“Vincent has come to the Tampa General Hospital Rehabilitation Center several times to speak with our inpatient brain injury group as well as our community Brain Injury Support Group. He has also come to individually interact with young brain injury survivors. He has also spoken about his experience at the Rehabilitation Center during their patient reunion. In all of his speaking engagements, Vincent has been exceptional, speaking passionately, and knowledgeably. He is very professional and comes prepared. He is very motivated in sharing the challenges he has experienced and the strategies and skills that were helpful for him. He also goes above and beyond in connecting with patients and group members, and they always enjoy listening to him and feel they can relate to him very easily. Vincent has overcome significant challenges in his life; however, through it all, he has maintained a positive attitude and determination.” 

Andy Gold

Business Instructor, Hillsborough Community College

"I heard Vincent speak at 1 Million Cups - Tampa, and was overwhelmed with his uplifting and inspirational story. In my observations of Vincent, he is a purpose driven entrepreneur, that has a compelling story to share, and a laser focused mission.  He has a strong speaking style, and it is evident to me that he can clearly define the importance of leadership.  I plan to have him speak soon at Hillsborough Community College, so he can inspire our students, and explain the importance of viewing barriers in life as opportunities, rather than walls."

Robin DeLavergne 

Sr. VP of External Affairs, Tampa General Hospital

“I had heard of Vincent’s accident and road to recovery through newspaper articles and testimonials during programs in the Tampa General Hospital Rehabilitation Center. When we decided to have the proceeds from the TGH Foundation Golf Tournament’s Fund go toward purchasing equipment for the Center, Vincent was our first choice to give the patient testimonial. He said yes before we had even finished the ask. He was a true inspiration at the Golf Tournament and helped us raise over $25,000 in a matter of 5-10 minutes. He was genuinely appreciative and demonstrated this by personally shaking the hand and thanking each of the donors. This young man has a future ahead of him as an inspirational speaker.” 

Stephanie Russell Krebs

VP of Student Affairs, Dean of Students, The University of Tampa 

“I first met Vincent when I was called to the hospital to visit a UT student that was not expected to live through the night due to a terrible accident. That moment changed my life. I was able to meet the most magnificent young man who fought tremendously hard to recover from his accident, graduate college, and then return to The University of Tampa to earn an MBA. Vincent was selected as our Commencement Speaker and gave an inspirational, personal account of how he made the best of a difficult situation and ultimately transformed his life.” 

Jay PosseR

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Queens College 

“I had the pleasure of meeting Vincent through a family friend of mine at a New York Jets game. I admit not only did his story touch me, but the passion in which he expresses his experiences. I gravitate toward people like that and the energy they give off, so me being an Assistant Men’s basketball coach at Queens College (NY), it immediately hit me that our team needs to meet Vincent and hear his story. I work with college kids and we are always trying to teach and reinforce that as student-athletes, the opportunities they have to play sports and receive an education is a privilege they need to cherish every day. Having said that, Vincent and his experiences can really hit home with college student-athletes. I felt that his message was something that could not only benefit our team on the court, but off as well and it was a blessing to have him talk to our guys. Vincent helps people realize that there is always a fight to fight, so stand up and make it happen.” 


Chris Gurrie

Director, Communication and Speech Studies; Associate Professor, Speech

“Vincent is personable and answers questions posed by audience members.


It was good to see student audience members relate their own aspects of mental health to the speaker’s.

Engaging dialogue took place after Vincent shared his experiences.”

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David Ambro

Managing Editor, The North Shore New Group;

Editor, The Observer; Editor, The Smithtown News; 

Editor/Publisher, Huntington News; Board of Directors,

New York Press Association (NYPA) 

“On the eve of Thanksgiving, November 25, I had the opportunity to sit in on the presentation by Vincent Lanci at Northport High School at which he discussed an experience of being hit by a drunk driver that nearly claimed his life and how he recovered and overcame that experience to obtain a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree from The University of Tampa at the John H. Sykes College of Business. Mr. Lanci spoke during three periods--seventh, eighth, and ninth. As a local newspaper reporter, I was there to cover the event. After sitting in on one of the periods, I felt compelled to stay for another, and I’m glad I did. Mr. Lanci is an inspiration.

As I reported in The Observer, his hometown newspaper, “With gripping photographs of his beaten body in the aftermath of the crash, and with a brutally honest account of the impact the accident had on his life and that of his family, he delivered many messages: Don’t drink and drive, never quit, love your family, and, on the eve of Thanksgiving, be thankful for what you have."

What happened to Mr. Lanci is tragic and heart wrenching. How he was able to overcome this horrible incident in his life is uplifting and to the degree that he was able to come back is somewhat sensational. To hear him tell that story is inspiring and uplifting. I would recommend him as an inspirational speaker, and I could sit and listen to him tell this story and answer audience questions about it time and time again.” 

Jamie R. Powell, MBA

Special Events Manager, Tampa General Hospital 

“I was introduced to Vincent Lanci after he spoke at a Tampa General patient reunion. Everyone at the reunion was impressed with his story and recommended him to speak at a Foundation fundraising event. Vincent spoke at our 18th Annual Golf Tournament luncheon on Monday, October 24, 2016. He came early and prepared and spent time mingling with staff and volunteers until the luncheon began. When Vincent was called on, he spoke from his heart – recounting his experience and speaking passionately about the care he received at Tampa General Hospital. He thanked our golfers for their support, because without that support, patients like himself wouldn’t be able to fully recover from their injuries. After his speech, we raised close to $25,000 in just 5 minutes from 96 golfers – enough to fund much needed equipment for our rehabilitation center. What impressed me the most was that Vincent shook the hand of every person who made a donation. What a true gentleman!” 

Lee Bell

President and CEO of Ybor City Chamber of Commerce

"Vincent Lanci, what an amazing young man! Vincent has triumphed over adversity like no one I have ever known. His powerful story and his amazing upbeat, positive approach to life and his future is truly and deeply inspiring to everyone who hears him speak. His drive to improve the world and give back for his gift of life will inspire everyone to look deep inside ourselves, take stock, and to be the best person possible.”

Antonio Lombardo

Owner, Lombardo Team Real Estate

“We asked Mr. Lanci to speak to our agents and brokers to motivate and inspire them. He personally spoke to our entire brokerage and we received resounding reviews and positive feedback from them. His story of perseverance is candid and incredible, and I know everyone left the building feeling one foot taller than when they walked in. We look forward to attending one of his next speaking engagements and recommend him to everyone. Thank you again for speaking to our group of agents! You have an incredible story to tell and I'm glad you're working hard to share it with others.”

Saxon Baum

Florida Funders, Co-Founder of WeVue, LLC

"I had Vincent come into the office and speak to my team regarding his life and the adversity he has overcome. I really wanted my employees to take away that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Vincent not only has a great story but he knows how to get a room excited and make people feel more inspired after they hear his talk. I would recommend Vincent to any business for speaking. His impact on my team was invaluable and everyone in the room left feeling more excited to perform their day to day job."

Chris Williams

Author of "Order of the Rod, Fitness Professional

“I attended Vincent’s first speech months ago at the Tampa General Hospital Fundraiser and it was something fabulous. His words. His story. Nonetheless, he had touched everyone there. Vincent does the job. With any job, after practice and dedication, you get better. That’s just what he did at the next speech that I attended in Orlando!

Vincent had a speech in Orlando for the Brain Injury Services fundraiser and this is where I saw him really blossom. He definitely took it from a-z on this night! Vincent’s story was even more captivating and had more dialogue! His character connection with funny points helped make his speech reach even more so than the first one that I watched!

I’m happy to watch Vincent set the standard for Strive to Lead! As his octaves changed, it drew you in more. Feeling his words meant so much! I am nothing but blessed to have been there!”

Jamie Meloni

Host of "That Business Show"

"Vincent is an inspiration for the millennial generation turning a traumatic event into a source of inspiration. His personal story is uplifting and he shared it on my radio show. His poise and confidence is remarkable and he should be considered an excellent resource for speaking engagements and to help you with your entrepreneurial endeavors."

Alex Sullivan

Vice President of Carmel Kitchen & Wine Bar

 "I was fortunate enough to meet Vincent on the Jamie Meloni show. Vincent’s story is one of perseverance and determination. Everybody can learn from what Vincent has gone through. We all face trails and tribulation in our lives and it is how we respond to those difficult times that makes us great. I would recommend Vincent to any company looking to inspire their team. He will have everybody on the edge of their seat as they listen to this young man tell of his bravery.“

Elena Bensonoff

CEO of Wholistic, Author of "Wholistic Wisdom"

"I attended the "Ten x Ten" series where Vin was one of the speakers. His talk was deeply inspiring, professionally crafted, and yet was so authentic.

Vin is a true inspiration for all ages and walks of life. Thank you for sharing your story."

Jon Blackmore

Co-Founder/ General Manager, Shore Fit Gym

"Vincent came to our gym to speak to my Saturday Bootcamp class a few months back. I have been friends with him for several years, and remember when I first heard about the accident and how bad it was.

Seeing how Vincent has recovered and what he is currently doing is truly an inspiration. He told his story to my class and then went on to relate his experience to fitness and my clients goals. The 5 major points from his speech connected with all of my clients.

Throughout the class, I heard people continuing to talk about the speech and I noticed a little extra effort was put in from everyone that day. To this day, clients of mine still bring up some of the points that were made in his speech when they temporarily fall off course or have minor set backs. Vincent left a lasting impression on everyone who was there that day."

Patrick Leask

Certified Business Coach/ Action Coach

"I attended a networking event where Vincent Lanci was guest speaker. Within a minute he grabbed everyone's attention with his personal story. The way Vincent brought the audience into his experience was emotionally powerful. His inspirational message struck a chord with me as it has given me a different perspective on the kind of growth that is possible from adversity."

Georgianna Strickland

Marketing and Products Services, MGM Friends

"I met Vincent at Million Cup a found his story to truly incredible and inspiring. I had Vincent speak recently at my MGM Friends business meeting to share his story and he was truly a great positive influence on our meeting. He shares his passion to make a life threatening situation in to something inspirational for us all. Strive to Lead puts the "positive" back into impossible.

Thank you Vincent for sharing your story and wishing you the best on your journey to being a successful motivational speaker. I look forward to seeing your name with the Zig Zigglar's of the world."