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You get to book your call with Founder Vincent A. Lanci to complete your purchase by clicking here.


If you're eager to start your own podcast series but lack the necessary tools, look no further than this comprehensive package.

By investing in this opportunity, you'll gain access to Lanci's acclaimed "How to Start a Podcast Course," along with all the essential resources required to ensure your show's successful and sustainable launch.

  • I'll Do It at Home (+)

    • With this package, you get the Do it At Home Package plus:

    • Mock interviews

    • Coaching Calls with our team

    • Guidance

    • Activities

    • Checkpoints

    • Milestones


GOLD PACKAGE: You Record, We Do the Rest

With our most popular package, your role is to simply play record, and we'll take care of the rest.

This comprehensive offering includes all the features of the Do-it-at-Home package, along with additional services such as:

  • professional editing,

  • uploading, and

  • creation of captivating social media content for each episode.


VIP: We Come to You

Our exclusive VIP package is tailor-made for clients ready to embark on their podcasting journey but lack the time or desire to handle the entire process or invest in equipment.

With our dedicated service, we handle everything from recording sessions to bringing all necessary equipment directly to your preferred location, ensuring your busy schedule remains uninterrupted.

Moreover, this premium package encompasses all the features included in both Packages 1 and 2, providing a comprehensive solution to bring your podcasting dreams to fruition.


LEVEL UP OFFERS: Package Add On's

At Coming Alive Podcast Production, we offer three branding tools to supplement your new podcast series:

  • Ghostwriting: Supplement your podcast series with a book written in your voice

  • Podcast Guesting: Supplement your podcast series with guest appearances on other podcast series to gain visibility

  • More Reels, Please: Supplement your podcast series with additional social media content for each episode.

We all have a message to share.

Let's share yours with the world.

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